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Parenting Workshops

Parenting is a healthy relationship between parents and children. Our programme provides you with great success in developing family values and understanding each other, as well as developing great care for your child.

Corporate Training

In today’s world, it’s quite important to grow your Company. So, give Mr. Saandeep Pathakk a corporate training session to increase your employees self-confidence and performance, as well as your company’s.

Youth Mentorning

Youth are the roots of any great nation, and Aatmnirbhar youth is an attitude that empowers young people to be self-sufficient, confident, and versatile in a variety of ways.

Business Consulting

Business does not mean busyness, but rather the flexibility to work, live, think, and process. We will assist you in growing your business while also freeing you of your day-to-day challenges.

DMIT Analysis Report

Dermatoglyphics is the study of ridged skin patterns (also known as dermatoglyphs) that can help you determine your child’s carrier, nature, inborn talents, and personality.

Motivational Seminar

Our motivational seminars will help you become a better person who will benefit yourself, others, and society. We will take you on a journey via mythological stories as well as rituals.