Saandeep Patahkk

Who we are

‘Zero to Hero, not in a heartbeat, but with grit, determination and an undying belief of changing the world with positivity’

Sandeep Pathak is a popular name in the education circle, because that’s what he is, professionally. He started teaching at the young age of 19, when most of the people are exploring lives, he had it all figured out regarding what he wanted to do.

He established a successful educational institution ‘Sarvoday Classes’ soon after becoming a teacher. His specialty lies in subjects like Math, Science and Statistics (even Vedic Math). Helping thousands of students, not only academically, but also mentally. He has associated with many schools and classes as well. He always had it in him to be a life coach and a motivational speaker, just about the time that he realized it!

His positive approach towards life and zest of transforming that positivity in everyone’s lives is truly commendable. Coming from a middle-class family, he values things and that brings a lot of authenticity to his character.

Through his priceless suggestions and advice, he has changed many lives as a youth mentor. He has got a knack for finding the simplest solutions for seemingly complex problems and believes in the same as well.

Apart from being a youth mentor, he conducts seminars on goal setting and potential growth in relationships and he also takes parenting workshops. Being a teacher, he perfectly understands the mindset of young kids, and that’s the reason behind him being so successful as a teacher, life coach, and mentor!