Youth Mentorning

Youth mentoring is a process in which an experienced person acts as a guide to help young people transition to adulthood. Mentors can assist young people in their education, employment, and daily lives, depending on their specific needs. They ensure that, whatever happens, they are not alone. 


As previously stated, some young people become disengaged from school and risk dropping out. Some students face an opportunity gap, which is a situation in which they do not have access to excellent educational resources. As a result, educational mentoring may be the first to come to mind.

Students who have mentors benefit greatly from their school experience. They are 55% less likely to skip a day, and 35% less likely to miss class. Mentorship also helps youth establish positive attitudes, which helps them perform better in school. Finally, students who face an opportunity gap are 60% more likely to continue their education if they have a mentor. 


One of the primary functions of school is to prepare students for adulthood. If a student you’re working with is having academic difficulties, it can have long-term consequences. Many at-risk youth do not see a bright future and are unsure where their lives are heading. As a result, career mentoring may be beneficial. saandeep pathakk Sir assist youth in developing workplace skills and preparing for the future.

Overall, career mentoring can broaden students’ perspectives on life and assist them in developing major goals that they can use to motivate themselves.

Life as a Whole

To get “back on track,” young people sometimes require a more comprehensive approach. Or perhaps the person is dealing with issues in their life that aren’t entirely related to the above two areas. These youth may simply require a positive adult presence on whom they can rely. In this case, life mentoring can be beneficial. According to the National Mentoring Partnership, you can “offer advice, share life’s experiences   and assist a young person in navigating challenges.” 

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